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We are pleased to announce that the next Herscu Seminar will take place on:

Saturday and Sunday the 21st & 22nd of March 2020

The Homeopathic Treatment of Adolescents

Dr Paul Herscu is a world renowned expert in the treatment of young people. During this seminar he will demonstrate how Classical Homeopathy can effectively help Adolescents with the many challenges they face in modern society, whatever those challenges may be – Mental, Emotional or Physical,

He will show live and video cases as well as sharing the special techniques, insights and new Materia Medica he has developed over more than 30 years of practising and teaching Classical Homeopathy.

During this seminar Dr Herscu will also discuss the Coronavirus outbreak, it’s implications for Homeopaths and the Genus Epidemicus

Dr Herscu is a much sought after international speaker, his extensive knowledge of Classical Homeopathy together with his gentle humour and warmth make every seminar he presents an event not to be missed.

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