Drs Herscu & Rothenberg Biographies

Paul & AmyDrs. Paul Herscu (bio) and Amy Rothenberg (bio) are naturopathic physicians, who have been specializing in classical homeopathy since 1986. A husband and wife team, their teaching styles vary, but their purpose is one: to inform, enrich, and inspire other homeopaths in their efforts, and to encourage them to fine-tune their perceptions so that they might better help their patients.

Founded in 1990 by Drs. Paul Herscu and Amy Rothenberg, The New England School of Homeopathy has provided reliable, effective and efficient training in homeopathy to thousands of practitioners world wide. NESH teachings help translate homeopathic philosophy into the successful and enjoyable practice of this powerful medicine. The innovative approach they use, Cycles and Segmentsis now employed and taught by practitioners around the world. They developed this approach as a way to organize the overwhelming information about our patients and about the remedies we use in order to make homeopathic prescribing more accurate and effective, and at the same time place homeopathic theory in the center of modern scientific thought.

Dr. Herscu’s 1991 book, The Homeopathic Treatment of Children: Pediatric Constitutional Types grew out of his work with children during the early years of his practice, and has been adopted by homeopaths the world over as the classic text for treating children. Just out in 1996, Stramonium: With an Introduction to Analysis using Cycles and Segments is the result of extensive work with emotionally troubled children. It lays the foundation for learning homeopathy through a unique and creative new approach. His most recent book: Provings, with a Proving of Alcoholus is a comprehensive guide to the philosphy and methodology of conducting a proving. It also contains a full proving, materia medica and repertory of the remedy Alcoholus.

Dr. Rothenberg is known for her lively lectures to both lay and professional groups on various aspects of homeopathy and also the treatment of different acute and chronic conditions. She was the long time editor of the New England Journal of Homeopathy. The couple practices in Enfield, Connecticut.

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