Feedback from past Delegates

Seminar Feedback March 24th & 25th 2018

Dear Tony and Monica,

Thank you both so much for all the care and attention to detail you put in to make our w/e so easy, profitable and fun.   I know it is a great deal of work, but very much appreciated.   I am not sure why I enjoyed this seminar with Paul, even more than others I have been to, but it felt immensely pertinent – & perhaps, I am beginning to understand the segment concept!

Paul was so generous to us and to follow up the w/e with such a full letter, was the icing on the cake!   I am on the train heading home today, so have time to do some pondering….

Thank you both again and I will hope to see you next time.

With love,


Dear Monica and Tony,

Many thanks for having made this most interesting seminar happen – again.

The man is a human dynamo – traveling from the US to England, Q&A session, 2 days of intense teaching and still producing a debriefing report a the end of it. What dedication too! This being said, you both can’t be that far behind him, both in terms of energy and dedication!



Dear Tony & Monica,

Thank you very much for forwarding the email below.

Thank you also for your hospitality this weekend and for making us feel so welcome.

It was indeed a great seminar. We’ll definitely be watching out for the next one!

All very best wishes

Angela Cartwright

Herscu Seminar Feedback/comments March 2017

Thanks again for the very good organisation of this seminar. I was really glad to be with you to attend this very interesting seminar and to share” the nice Yorkshire ambiance”

Denis LaForgue

Thank you for a fantastic and inspiring weekend! I look forward to next year!

Rachael Leffman

Thanks very much for organising the weekend Tony and Monica, I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next one!

Amanda Ginns

Dear Monica and Tony

Thank you a lot for the seminar and the presentation.

Sincerely yours.

Isabelle Celardin

I just wanted to write to thank you so much for putting on such a good weekend with Dr Herscu, Hopefully I will be able to incorporate Paul’s methodology and I have found the information about anxiety absolutely invaluable.  I really look forward to incorporating it into my practice. I thought the whole thing ran very smoothly and rather boringly, have no suggestions as to improvements, I’m afraid!  (Except bringing Leeds closer to Salisbury so the journey isn’t a challenge!)

Vivien Stratton

Dear Tony and Monica,

Thank you so  much for a well organized seminar. It is always good to be among people who have their heart in their daily work. All the best for your future work.

Warm regards

Øyvind Hafslund

Hi Tony

Thoroughly enjoyed the seminar. Paul was on excellent form as ever. Thought the patients were fascinating. Thank you and Monica for organising the seminar and all the work that must entail.


Jean Kessler

Dear Tony and Monica,

Very many thanks for all your hard work organising the excellent seminar with Paul – a really useful topic and he teaches so well, it is a joy.  Everything seemed to go swimmingly, Many more thanks and very good wishes to you both,

Pippa Gold


Paul was on top form as usual, the venue was excellent and easy to get to, and your organisation was brilliant. Thank you.

S McMahon