Never been to a Herscu Seminar before?

Many Homeopaths regard Paul as a Homeopath who only treats children. Paul treats many adults in his practice using Classical Homeopathy and Naturopathic treatment. His seminars give the delegate an insight into his busy practice, demonstrating how Homeopathy can be simplified and in turn enjoyable. Many Homeopaths struggle in their early years because of not understanding the patient in front of them. Paul and Amy demonstrate what to look out for when the patient presents their symptoms. The ever so slight tick in one of the eyes, the flushing up at certain questions, the look of anxiety, confusion, anger, irritability. These observations are then noted in other parts of the system. ie Anger and inflammation are similar ideas. A lack of confidence could show up in retention of urine, a sort of holding back. Sudden anger/ explosion of watery stool are one and the same. So we are looking at expressions of the disease in different systems of the patient, mental/emotional/physical. The vital force will show it’s disharmony in many ways. Observation of the patient and how the disease manifests in each patient is crucial to good prescribing.

So if you have never been to see one of Paul and Amy’s seminars, you will enjoy their approach I’m sure. They will show you how one group of symptoms follows another and in doing so,  a cycle of the disease picture will show the way to the correct remedy.

To quote Paul’s words,  Simplify, Simplify, Simplify.

Monica Robinson