Seminar Information

The Yorkshire Centre of Classical Homoeopathy


Dr Paul Herscu ND

Saturday & Sunday 24th & 25th of March 2018

Leeds City College, Keighley, West Yorkshire.

Just another day at the office …


Your Patient arrives for treatment and is sat in the waiting room, what are the clues and signs we can use before we even start taking the case? How do we start the consultation?

How do we find out what really needs fixing?

How do we set about crafting the consultation so that we can find the most appropriate remedy for our patient?

During this two day seminar Dr Paul Herscu will demonstrate using live and video cases a fail safe method of achieving success in case taking, time after time, for even the most serious and difficult cases.

With over thirty years experience Dr Herscu is a much sought after international speaker, his extensive knowledge of Classical Homeopathy, together with his gentle humour and warmth make every seminar he presents an event not to be missed, A memorable experience for both experienced and student homeopaths alike.


He is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading authorities on the treatment of Autism and other disorders, his seminars are always highly popular and well attended

For anyone new to the work of Dr Herscu please visit his website:

The Seminar will start at 9.30am and finish at 5pm, Registration will take place from 8.30am. Refreshments will be available throughout the day, there is no provision for lunch however there are many cafes and supermarkets within easy walking distance. Delegates bringing their own lunch can eat in the seminar room during the lunch break.

Free car parking is available at the rear of the College (Dalton Lane)

Delegates with special requirements please inform us prior to arrival